Angkor Sankranta 2014


ABi Technologies is proudly to be the application developer for Angkor Sankranta 2014 event. We provide the design and development for Android/iOS and Web application.

The term “Angkor Sånkrānta” has been recognized by the National Khmer Linguistic Council, in which the term “Sånkrānta” means the coming of the New Year and this term has been used during the Angkor Era, according to the inscription Ka17.

Android App:
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- Mobilize youths, residents and the public as one big Khmer family to happily engage and celebrate their own traditional Khmer New Year.

- Provide youths another opportunity to learn and promote their own culture and civilization, hence their sense of national pride.

- Further attract more tourists to visit Siem Reap and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

- In brief, “Angkor Sånkrānta” is all about unity, solidarity, happiness, harmony, national pride among Cambodians, and the sense of belonging to one Khmer family.


Voluntary and committed engagement of Cambodian youth plays crucial role in bringing Angkor Sankranta to a success. And that is the success that enhances a concrete pride of this nation of which an oldest culture and civilization has been rooted. Through the event of “Angkor Sånkrānta”, we, Cambodian youth, create room for commitment in preserving and developing national cultural heritage to its longevity, prosperity and glory once again in the belief of “Youth for the cause of Motherland”. “Angkor Sånkrānta” is also an opportunity for international friends and guests to participate, explore, and get acquainted to Khmer custom and tradition, in particular, via traditional dances and games. This is also an auspicious occasion for us, the able young generation, to showcase the exquisite charm of our Kingdom of Wonder.

“Angkor Sånkrānta” is all for Khmers as a whole culturally and nationally in one united Khmer family.

Hun Many

President of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia