Renting vs. Buying: Why Rent a Server?

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.05.11 PMThe process of getting your website hosted can be time consuming and difficult decision such as where to host it. First, you have to decide what kind of server you want to host your website on, then you have to purchase a domain name, make sure your website is nicely design and develop, figure out how you’re going to backup your site and maintenance, and finally finish software setup–amongst other things.

However, some people consider buying their own server and setting it up themselves. While this is a viable option for those with the know-how, with big investment and free time to run a server, in many cases, it makes much more sense to just rent a server instead.

Here are four reasons that it makes more sense to rent a server instead of buying one:

1. Maintenance. Maintaining a server can be difficult and time-consuming. While maintaining your own server can certainly be done if you have a lot of free time on your hands, it’s easy to get in over your head with your own server if you don’t know what to expect. But with a rented server, all of the maintenance is taken care of for you (often much faster than you could take care of it yourself).

2. Cost. Cost with servers is a complicated issue, but you can think of it like this: the cost of buying a server up-front will be much more expensive than renting one, as well as upgrading hardware or software over time. Further, if you ever hire a server administrator to maintain the server you would end up paying a huge fee for the salary for the server administrator. In some cases, renting a server may be more expensive over time (though usually it will be cheaper when upgrades and more space are factored in), but much more is included in that cost. For example, when renting a server you won’t have to worry about hardware failure replacements, as the rental company will often take care of that. When owning your own equipment you must provide secondary backups for all hardware (fans, cpu, memory, hard drives, ups), so in essence, you’re purchasing two servers. You’ll save a lot of money up front by renting your server instead of buying. In addition, in some country such as in Asia where internet fee is very expensive, thus renting could save a lot of money too.

3. Reliability. This is one area where rental servers absolutely excel. As opposed to a personally-owned server, where it’s the responsibility of the user to make sure nothing goes wrong, with rentals, it’s the company’s job to keep everything under control, and get things back up and running if something goes wrong. What’s more, hosting companies have entire departments dedicated to running servers, whereas an individual owner would have much fewer resources, and likely a slower response time to a server going down. Further, in some area where internet and electricity is not stable, then personally-owned server would have high chance of a server going down.

4. Responsibility. This one ties to maintenance and reliability. Running your own server can be a lot of work. If something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to fix it, whether you have the time to do so quickly or efficiently or not. And when your customers are counting on your website to always be up and running, that can be a big downside of running your own server. With a rented server, all of that responsibility is on the company, and you don’t have to worry about making sure you stay on top of things–because it’s the company’s job to do that for you.

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