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Our Services

Mobile App Development

Our team of mobile app design and development has the expertise in IOS and Android SDK and we are able to offer our clients custom build application such as multimedia, location-based tools, social, e-commerce, blog/news & more.

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Web App Development

We offer Website Desgin & Development at an affordable price with high quality and scalable web application. Our creative design team can help you build your idea from ground up to the internet life.

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Technology Consulting

Is your business facing a lot of manual work and paper work? Do you have difficulty in generating report? OR Are you unsure of what you need to manage your business effectively? We have the knowledge to find the solutions you need to be more effective in your business.

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Why Choose Us?

At ABi, we are strongly focus on quality and services to satisfy and earn trust from our customers. All of our products that we deliver to our customers must go through extensive testing and quality check to ensure that it is stable and does its job. That’s what make us different.
Our softwares are built to fit all type of users which is simple and intuitive navigation. That is the key that lead to your business success as well.
We have always worked closely with our customers to create innovative, comprehensive and easy to use products. By working closely with our customers, we have an opportunity to understand their needs and requirements better, helping us to build a better software based on their idea.
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